After completing the program, You will enjoy:

Lower Scores

A More Fundamentally Sound Swing

Fewer / No Injuries

Know why you miss so you can help yourself on the course

More fun playing this great game!-

All of this for only $49!

I know what your thinking. How could that be?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve spent thousands of dollars on golf and trying to play better, but haven’t gotten anywhere.
  • You feel like you should be a good golfer but can’t seem to figure out why your not.
  • You don’t know why your shots miss the way they do leading to lots of frustration.
  • You aren’t as consistent as you want to be and find yourself wondering who will show up that day.
  • You go off to play with an optimistic outlook but then leave feeling down on yourself questioning why you even went in the first place?

You are not alone!


In giving over 30,000 golf lessons in his career, Ryan Trengrove (PGA Owner/ Director of Instruction at Golf Swing Prescription) , has helped players of all ages (5 yrs old-94 yrs young) and ability levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

The fundamentals covered in this video training program applies to all levels and ages. Ryan gives over 2600 lessons per year in southern California, while most golf pros give 500-1000 lessons if they are fortunate. The secret to his success is simple. He gets his students results, which has led to him being booked solid from 7am-9pm almost every day. His lowest round is 7 under par and regularly shoots between 3 under and 1 over Par. So he not only teaches it but can play as well.

His background is in bio mechanics which means that he helps people swing safer for their bodies. His philosophy is to teach his students why things happen so they can help themselves and enjoy long term sustainable improvement.

For the First time, he’s sharing online the first 8 weeks of training he covers with all his students and you don’t have to travel to southern California to benefit from his wealth of knowledge.

Better Golf for $49

(8 Amazing Weeks of Golf Training Videos)

So what is covered in this 8 week program?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when working on improving their swing is working on things out of sequence. The golf swing is like dominos, if the first few dominos aren’t setup correctly then the whole display won’t go off correctly. This is one of the most common problems with golfers trying to get better. They have a bad setup and bad backswing but they are working on impact. Working on the golf swing is like building a house, you must have a solid foundation first and then the curtains come last.


What does this mean?

This means that you must make sure you are setup to the ball correctly first, then after that you must make sure your lower body is functioning properly in your backswing, then you should make sure your upper torso is functioning correctly to the top of the swing, then you should make sure your hands arms and club are in the right place at the top, then you can work on your downswing, then you can work on your impact and follow through, and finally your finish and tempo. If you aren’t trying to improve in this sequence then you are already behind the 8 ball.

In this 8 week program, Ryan helps you improve your fundamentals starting at the setup and progressing through the swing. He always says that he is like Michelangelo and his students swings are like the statue David. Michelangelo started with a rock with no definition, then chopped away the big pieces first followed by detail and refinement. Everyone comes to him as different shaped rocks. Some have all the chops but no detail. Some have the chops and detail in one area but not in another. So you aren’t starting over with his approach. The things you are doing well you will keep, but the things you need chiseled will get sharper from this program.

So what is exactly in this program?

Week 1:

Make sure your setup for success. Because if you aren’t setup correctly the chances of things going well drops dramatically.

Week 2:

Learn how your lower body is supposed to function in your backswing and do the drills Ryan suggests to enjoy better contact rather quickly.

Week 3:

Learn how to “keep your triangle” from waist to waist which is the most basic fundamental movement in golf. This will give you straighter shots, but not for distance yet.

Week 4:

Learn where you should be at the top of your swing and the best way for you to grip and hinge your wrists based on your individual circumstances.

Week 5:

Now that you are at the top properly, Finally understand what you should be doing in your downswing. What should be your first move?

Week 6:

The moment of truth! Impact. Learn what you should be focusing on to strike the ball properly with control. This means no more slices, hooks, topped shots, fat shots, etc.

Week 7:

How to finish where you don’t hurt your back, knee, and hips.

Week 8:

Learn how to get beyond swing thoughts to feeling your swing. Learn what it should feel like and what your tempo should be. This is where you will also learn how to create lag and whip for maximum distance!

As the saying goes, you can learn from your mistakes or learn from someone else. It is always better to learn from someone elses to save time and frustration.

There is a reason the universe led you to this page. Learn from Ryan’s experience to save time and frustration. Not knowing what you should do, not knowing why the ball does what it does, and swinging in a way that is hurting your body must be getting old really fast. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Simply sign up for Ryan’s 8 week program for a minimal $49, then watch 1 of his videos per week and then practice what he says for an hour per week in between. As the saying goes, don’t work harder, work smarter.

He typically charges $130 per 45- Minute lesson, so this offer has a $1,040 value for only $49!


You’ve got nothing to lose, so what are you waiting for?

Ryan’s passion is helping golfers of all levels enjoy this great game more. He vicariously lives through his student’s successes.

For example:
“My back doesn’t hurt any more.”
“I just shot my lowest score.”
“I broke 80 for the first time”
“I no longer feel lost and frustrated”

After you complete his 8 week program, he would just like to hear about your results. If for any reason your not happy, he will consult you directly and / or offer you a refund. So there is nothing to lose, only great knowledge and results to gain.

Try something that works! Let him get rid of your pain.

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Brought to you by: “Ryan Trengrove, PGA” “A Leader in Hi-Tech Golf Lessons in Southern California.” “Go to www.RyanTrengrove.com for more information about one on one golf lessons. “

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